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AHNENBLATT, the amazing and easy-to-use genealogy program for beginners and pro users alike

You start building your tree from scratch but you want an easy-to-use and eye-candy genealogy program ?

Take a look at Ahnenblatt. It has more pros than cons and it is a full-featured computer program.

You can download the installation package from the official website :

Ahnenblatt has a free version and another paid version with more options.


▪It is a multilingual genealogy program (available in 23 languages) which runs smoothly on all

operating systems:

- on Windows because it is a Windows program,

- on Mac OS,

- on Linux distibutions through Wine ( Zorin OS, Mint, Ubuntu …),

- on ChromeOS on a chromebook by using Linux apps

▪It is a full-featured program.

▪It is very user-friendly and even kids can use it easily.

▪It has a clear horizontal pedigree chart display going back as many generations back in time as you like.

▪ It has an intuitive interface and has the easiest-to-fill-in individual boxes for each individual of the

pedigree chart.You just have to double click on the red pencil to make it pop out and update a



▪You can print list and reports in a very basic mode with Ahnenblatt but they are not the most

gorgeous ones you will find .

▪The program will only display a pedigree chart view but no family view or individual view (this is

provided by the individual edit boxes).

▪You can have these types of charts with Ahnenblatt: ancestor charts, descendant charts and

hour-glass charts but no fan charts.

You will have to tweak the different templates to suit your needs and preferences.

So, ready to give it a try ?

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